Music Video: “Gold Guns Girls” (Metric) – A Capella!

My latest music video project is something far from what I have done before: a capella!  That’s right – it’s just me singing/humming/beatboxing all the parts of the song, including the drums!  The song is “Gold Guns Girls,” a 2010 hit by the Canadian Indie band Metric (who is coming back to Lollapalooza in 2012, yay!).

Gold Guns Girls

Most of my music background is from being an instrumentalist.  I am not a great singer, nor do I have much singing experience.  Thus making a one-man a capella music video was quite the challenge!  I had to do many takes to get all the vocal parts right.  The hardest part, of course, was staying in tune with myself.  Not only is it hard without an instrument to carry a tune; every pitch adjustment ends up affecting the other tracks.  Making the video required a bit of work too – lots more shots of myself looking silly.

Despite the challenges, I learned a lot, and it was very fun to do.  I hope you enjoy the production!  And please “like” the video on YouTube! 🙂

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Update: Metric came across my video on the Internet and posted this Tweet! 🙂

A while later, they were gracious enough to invite me to their show and meet them backstage!

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