Hall & Oates piano cover: “I can’t go for that” – by Nguyen-Anh Le

I can't go for that

Here’s a live piano cover of the Hall & Oates hit song “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do):

Direct link to video on Youtube

I’ve been taking this super fun “Hall & Oates ensemble” at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, taught by Cathy Norden.  We’ve played a bunch of hits such as “Rich Girl,” “Sara Smile,” “Kiss on My List,” and “You Make My Dreams Come True.”  We haven’t gotten around to “I Can’t Go For That” yet.  Maybe because the song is almost all bass and keyboards, while our class has 7 guitars, a ukelele, and little ole’ me.  So I learned the song on my own and recorded a solo performance.

I decided to go with a new age piano style for this cover.  The soulful Hall and Oates chords actually sound pretty good when done this way.  But I couldn’t reproduce the funky bass line while playing the melody, so I simplified the bass. I threw in a little pentatonic blues-ish ad-lib solo towards the end too.

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