A quick stroll through Zurich, Switzerland

Our Oktoberfest Euro trek started in Zurich Switzerland. Alex, Mo, and I originally had a flight connecting through JFK New York and landing in Zurich at 7am. However, bad weather in NY caused our flight to be canceled. We were re-routed through London and finally arrived in Zurich around noon. We had a train scheduled to depart for Munich at 3pm, so it left little time to spend in Zurich. Nonetheless, we were still able to do a quick stroll through Zurich.

Zurich is a pretty city. Although it’s the largest city in Switzerland, it is so quiet and orderly that it feels like a small town. The city is immaculately clean and well-groomed (kinda like in Paris).  The architecture is very German.  Kinda makes sense – everyone here speaks a Swiss dialect of German.

Zurich is situated just north of Lake Zurich. A small river cuts through the town and leads to the lake. The prettiest sights in town are next to the water.

Small cobblestone-lined streets wind through the city, inviting you to wander about aimlessly.  Small stores and restaurants are everywhere.  It’s fun to walk around here – you never know what’s around the corner.

One thing you’ll notice immediately in Zurich is all the trams and buses on the streets.  Zurich has the highest density of public transportation in the world.  It consistently ranks near the top cities of the world in quality of life too.

After our short visit in Zurich, it was quickly time to get to the train station.  Next stop: Munich and Oktoberfest!!

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