Music Video: Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” – A one-man band cover

I know, I know – everybody has covered “Get Lucky.” You may be sick of the song by now, since it’s been the hottest song all summer.   It’s a fun and catchy song though – makes you just want to bounce around, wherever you are.  Listen to my cover!!!  Your life will change once you do it!!! 🙂

I’ve been a Daft Punk fan for years.  I missed seeing them live at Lollapalooza 2007, but one day…  I’m glad they departed from their heavy DJ set to a more full band with instruments.  Pharrell Williams’s guest vocals on this track are great, and Nile Rodgers on the guitar was amazing.  If you didn’t know, Nile Rodgers founded the classic 70’s disco band Chic (“Freak Out!”).  No wonder “Get Lucky” has such a great disco groove.  Pharrell has been all over the music scene, though mostly as a producer and songwriter.  He sounds pretty darn good for someone who doesn’t sing lead vocals often!  Some trivia: Pharrell and his production group The Neptunes had previously collaborated with Daft Punk, on a remix of “Harder Faster Stronger Better” 🙂

Doing a cover that everyone else has done can be tough.  How do you make it unique?  How can it be special?  At least I have the “one-man band” approach (although there are a few great ones of these already).  I wanted to keep it strongly disco.  But more layered than Daft Punk’s version, which is a little sparse.  I couldn’t sing nearly as well as Pharrell or play guitar nearly as well as Nile… but I had other instruments to work with.  So my cover ended up with:

  • A faster tempo (120 bpm)
  • A more prominent bass line
  • A cool super disco bridge & outro
  • Lots of keyboards – including my cool Keytar!
  • An entertaining music video 🙂

Here it is!  Enjoy!  You can either view it directly on YouTube: or view it embedded below.

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