Daft Punk Mega-Cover: 12-Song Mashup, One-Man Band Cover

There are lots of Daft Punk covers, compilations, and remixes out there.  This video is unique though.  I decided to combine all the above approaches into a single video: a cover performance + a 12-song mashup + a dance remix.  Get your dancing shoes ready!

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I’ve covered one Daft Punk song before: Get Lucky.  This time, I wanted to do something more “clubby”, and styled like a typical Daft Punk DJ set.  No violins or accordions – this time it would a heavy beat and lots of synths.  It was hard picking one song, however.  Daft Punk has some great sounds and riffs, but it’s honestly a little boring playing one all the way through.  So I decided to make a mashup (aka a compilation or medley) of Daft Punk songs.  And I would mix them all together as a continuous dance remix.


Here’s the tracklist.  It’s in no particular order.  I tried to pick mostly what I considered the best Daft Punk songs.  But I also threw in a few others just because I felt they would fit well in the mix.

  1. Da Funk
  2. Around the World
  3. Lose Yourself To Dance
  4. Technologic
  5. Digital Love
  6. Veridis Quo
  7. Instant Crush
  8. Get Lucky
  9. Harder Better Faster Stronger
  10. Aerodynamic
  11. Television Rules the Nation
  12. One More Time


Daft Punk’s “bread and butter” may be their phat beats and synth sounds, but their unique vocal tracks really make their music stand out.  Since this is a cover, I did not use any samples of Daft Punk.  I used a bunch of Apple Loops for the drums, and I made my own versions of the vocals.  Some Daft Punk songs just have highly processed vocals, with lots of compression, equalizer, and auto-tune.  Examples of these are “Digital Love” and “One More Time.”  A bunch of Daft Punk songs have robotic-sounding vocals.  For these songs (e.g., “Around the World,” “Instant Crush,” “Harder Better Faster Stronger”), Daft Punk uses a vocoder.  A vocoder takes a normal vocal track and combines it with a synthesizer.

Another “challenge” with making a dance video is that it’s kind of boring showing video of you playing musical instruments.  The riffs are pretty simple, and things get pretty repetitive.  So I thought I’d make it look like video at a club instead – with lots of crazy graphics and flashing lights.  Luckily the Aeon Visualizer provided everything I needed.

Feel free to take this video to the gym for your workout.  Or for mowing the lawn.  Or for cleaning the house 🙂  Enjoy!

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